About Us | Chemeia

Chémeìa (from the Greek alchemy, transformation) is a company founded in 1990 and specialized in the field of phytocosmetics.

Since 1990 we realize our ideas and we follow all the phases of our natural products exclusively Made in Italy not tested on animals and without animal derivatives.

Formulating means realizing an idea: it is an art in which the individual components must harmonize to obtain the Optimum.
Mixing, balancing the components is the art not only to study but to understand what we want to achieve by referring to the great Masters from Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Valnet, up to Tisserand, for a free research.
The formulation, production, packaging and marketing of Chémeìa products are under our direct supervision and responsibility.
Our multi-functional phytocomplexes can act on several fronts according to personal needs, so the same preparation can have more indications.
The high concentration of active ingredients allows a dosage appropriate to one's needs, with a cosmetic effect evident from the first applications.

Wellness means prevention, attention to the quality of life and care for one's body.
Health means psychophysical well-being: keeping your body as efficient as possible without resorting to shortcuts and false promises, but with informed choices.
Collaborating with the Braña Method means having guarantees: it helps us to satisfy our needs and not to betray the expectations of those who put their trust in us.