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Hands and Feet Line

Keeping efficient body through time isn't only a beauty target but a necessity aimed at having the constant and appropriate functionality of the articulation of the hands and feet.

Nowday we always try to have a young look but our hands have often impressed the signs of time and the sufferings from stress. So, our laboratories, after careful experimentations, have been able to formulate a hydrolipidic phytocomplex based on extracts and essential oils (animal extracts free) and aimed at solving all hands' problems.

Our feet are also fundamental to maintain a walk free from obstacles, so it is essential, in addition to walking, to the regular weight, to comfortable shoes, to keep them as much as possible without calluses, irritation, etc. Our HAPPY FEET line has been designed to prevent the fragility of the skin that manifests itself with advancing years, for those who frequently use sneakers and who may have hyper-sweating and mycosis such as "athlete's foot". Keeping our feet in excellent condition is a guarantee over time!

Il benessere delle mani e dei piedi

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