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EVER SINCE 1990 our laboratories are specialized in formulating and achieve cosmetics based on herbs called phytocosmetics.
The lipidic component of our emulsions is due to the presence of selected basic elements in the lipidic ingredients such as Karité and cocoa butters ,avocado oil, wheat germ joyoba wax, olive and almond oil. Our lotions are obtained from a vegetable base of our own property through a controlled heating cooling and filtering system that will enrich the watery component of emultions and lotions ( with or without alcohol ) with vegetal extractive principles. With the aim to obtain a better cosmetic function.
The fragrance comes from the harmonic synergy of natural essential oils that enhance the cosmetic action through the organolectric component.
We realize multifunctional compounds in accordance with the holistic conception :, psyche and body gathered for an only one complete functionality.
We use ethyl alcohol buongusto (goodtaste) extracted from cereals, used in the alimentary sector , to guarentee the quality of our products and in order to reduce the presence of chemical substance ( denaturant) that could alter the equilibrium of the cosmetic function of our compounds-

Our philosophy

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