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We have been planning qualifying courses BRAŇA METHOD for over thirty years.They are specially addressed to wellbeing sector’s professional people. We have recently added some monothematic courses devoted to relief, to feeding, tocosmetology and to preparation of herbs. In accordanc\e with law in force.
The Method Braña had its birth from the unitary consideration of “man”: body, mind an the interrelationship with his habitat from which he can absorb physical, chemical and psychologic negativities..and so on..
After several years of careful Research we are, nowadays, in a position to offer an innovative Operating Methodology :It is painless, extremely pleasant and able to correct and keep up the psychophysical harmony everybody aims at.
It is a highly qualified manual technique for the use of Braña’s small glass bars (with priority of patent ) that allows to intervene with a specific innovative reflexology action.
Thanks to its plasticity, each professional can make use of the Method Braña with satisfying results ever since the first session.
It gives successful results in : aesthetic- sporting- physiotherapic-thermal- nathuropatic sectors.

holistic specialization courses

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