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Impure skin and acne

According to the season or to a standard of living, some impure skins may show different situations (fat, dry. Irritable). The same for the acne that is usually linked wth the adolescent age, (male and female) but women are more subject to acne in adult age, for it is connected with the hormonal cycle. It may happen that a few days before the monthly cycle some irritating spots can appear on the chin. It is often connected with a not carefully balanced nourishment rich in carbohydrate or to an inadequate standard of living. As a consequence acne, comedoes and seborrhea are also the warning sign for an eating disorder. The use of our products connected with a correct diet will be helpful for the re-balancing of the hydrolypidic mantle of the skin.

skin-impure-acne-skin-sensitive-delicate-lotion-serum-defense-skincare-skin-mixed-soothing-oily skin-antistress-clay-starch-of-rice-gel-mask-face-treatment-rebalancing

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