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ncludes a herbal re-acidifying soothing lotion made by our laboratory through a process of heating, cooling and filtration. It is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the skin and restoring irritation. In fact, the application of a gauze or tissue soaked in this lotion gives the skin a pleasant fresh sensation, even though it contains neither mint nor menthol, while the perception above the gauze / tissue is a slight heat coming out of the body. The skin will be lighter and more oxygenated. Promotes the removal of skin impurities, so it can be used after bath / shower and after face cleansing. Excellent pack for tired and / or red eyes. Excellent as after-alcohol-free shaving, especially for delicate, sensitive or acne-prone and adolescent skin. the perception of natural cool suggests the use in warm periods or in overheated environments as a natural refreshing favoring the thermoregulation, in particular if applied on the nape. In children and the elderly, who are more sensitive to climate change and who do not tolerate excessive heat, we recommend continuous use in particular environmental situations.

anti-reddening for skin care

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