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Cleansing and intimate hygiene

includes a line of multifunctional products based on vegetable extracts for cleaning the skin, respecting the protective and barrier function of the hydrolipid film in our body. The balanced detergent composition of our phytocosmetics allows daily use. Lydro-SHOWER is an energizing detergent that protects the body in public environments: its formulation has also been studied in respect and prevention for male and female intimate hygiene. Suitable for those who do sports and need a refreshing detergent that can be used even several times a day without irritating the skin. BodyLifting A is a non-foaming cleansing emulsion designed to prevent skin stress from both atmospheric agents: sun, cold, wind and psychophysical. Its composition is also attentive to the needs of children's skin and can be used in public showers where foaming detergents and on the beach cannot be used. Applied on the skin after a sunny day and left in place for a few moments (including the scalp) it removes the feeling of excess heat and tiredness, prevents the formation of sunburn and preserves tanned skin. It gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being.

cleansing, protection and well-being of our skin

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